Airport Management Course

 Course Goal

The course aims to provide an overview of the key elements of Airport Management: Organization, Economics, Marketing, Operational Theories and Practices.

 Learning Objectives

◼  Recognize the roles of airport management and the managerial view points necessary for airport business success.

◼  Examine the airport industries' structures and project the future directions for airports

◼  Cultivate professionals with deep knowledge of theoretical and practical airport management system.

 Course Structure

◼  Module 1: Understanding the airport industry

◼  Module 2: Airport Organization and Structure of the Airport Industry

◼  Module 3: Airport Economics and Performance

◼  Module 4: Airport Competition and the Role of Marketing

◼  Module 5: Technology in Airport Operation

✈ Course Benefits

This course will provide various understandings of airport administration, economics, marketing and operations. Through this course, trainees will deeply assess the airport  operation and management practices details.

Course Schedule / Format

◼ 1st Session: 4th to 8th November in 2024 (Rescheduled) / 5days, Virtual Classroom (GMT +9)

◼  2nd Session: 13th to 17th January in 2025 / 5 days, Virtual Classroom (GMT +9)

※ Note: The course schedules are subject to change depending on unavoidable internal and external conditions.

Course Fee: 1,200$ (USD)

The course fee payment method will be notified by KAU when the registration of this course is made through KAU's LMS.

 Course Registration and fee payment

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