Airport Field Visit Program

 Course Objective

The purpose of the above program is to provide GAPP participants with more vivid field training by receiving on-the-job training directly from experts at Incheon International Airport. It is a good opportunity for GAPP participants to not only tour the facilities and equipment of Incheon International Airport but also listen to the best practices and know-hows of various field experts.

 Course Information

  • Course Duration : 3 Days
  • Course Venue: Incheon Airport Aviation Academy (IAAA)
  • Course Fee: 1,200$ (Inclusion: Accommodation at IAAA, Korean styple Lunch, Coffee/snacks)

 Course Schedule in detail

Day 1

• Module 1: Terminal Operation (Field Trip, 3 Hrs)

  ① PBB Facilities → ② BHS Facilities → ③ HVAC Facilities → ④ Integrated Operation Center (IOC)

• Module 2: Terminal Management (Field Trip, 3 Hrs)

  ① Commercial(F/B) Areas →  ② Cleaning Service → ③ Parking and Public Transportations

* PBB: Passenger Boarding Bridge, BHS: Baggage Handling System, HVAC: Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Day 2

• Module 3: Terminal Security Operation (Field Trip, 3Hrs)

  ① Passenger Screening Facilities → ② Baggage Screening Facilities 

• Module 4: Green Airport Operation (Field Trip, 3Hrs)

  ① Environmental Facilities (Hydro Fuel, Photo Votanic, Geothermal System) → ② Air quality and Noise Monitoring

Day 3

• Module 5: Airside Safety Operation (Field Trip, 6 HR)

  ① Airside Safety Control Office → ② AGL Control Office → ③ ARFF Station → ④ Wildlife Control office

* AGL: Aeronautical Ground Lighting, ARFF: Aerodrome Rescue and Fire Fighting

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  Registration for field visit

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